The Man Who Would Stop A Clock • Large Print Edition


Author: James G Rliey, Bernadine Riley
Series: Roger Harper, Book 2
Genre: HumorMysteryThriller
Publisher: Self-Publishing Solutions
Publication Date: July 19, 2023
Year First Published: 2017
Format: Large Print

Cover: Hardback (6.14″x 9.21″)
Length: 534 pages
ISBN: 9781944108236


Hardback: $24.99

From Dubai, through the peaceful English countryside, to the tourist sites of London, a group calling themselves the Executive relentlessly pursues Roger Harper and his family.
Inextricably entangled in a deranged scheme to hold the British Government to ransom, Harper frantically uses his special ability in an attempt to thwart the cabal. 


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