The Boy Who Wasn’t There • Large Print Edition


Author: James G Rliey, Bernadine Riley
Series: Roger Harper, Book 2
Genre: MysteryThriller
Publisher: Self-Publishing Solutions
Publication Date: July 22, 2023
Year First Published: 2022
Format: Large Print

Cover: Hardback (6.14″x 9.21″)
Length: 474 pages
ISBN:  9781944108229


Hardback: $24.99

At the end of book three, we learn that Julia Harper has inherited property near Port Douglas, British Columbia. At the pleading of her son, Oliver, and his cousin, Spencer, she and her husband agree to visit the property before the start of the school term. Once in Vancouver, they meet up with Julia’s half-sister, Dee, who accompanies the family. Included in the party is Harper’s best friend, Federico.

On their arrival, they a greeted by the caretaker. She tells them of the death of a young boy from the First Nations people, which occurred sixty years ago. At that time a sacred native artifact was stolen, and despite numerous attempts by Julia’s late father, it was never recovered.
The story follows Harper’s endeavors to track down the artifact and restore it to its rightful home. However, nothing is as simple as it might seem. 


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