Author: James G Rliey
Series: A Quest for King Arthur, Book 3
Genre: Science Fiction - Alternative History
Tags: All except omnibus editions, AQFKA Speparate Books, Coming Soon
Publisher: EpilueBooks
Publication Year: Summer 2018
Length: Epic Drama

Artorius Ambrosius in the Historia Regum Britanniae and elsewhere, was a war leader of the Romano-British in the 5th century.
Crown follows his exploits from humble beginnings to his final defeat at the hands of the Saxon hordes, fifty years later.

About the Book

The popular figure of King Arthur and his knights in shining armour, performing acts of chivalry, is far from the truth. Arthur was the sixth century general (real name: Aurelius Ambrosius) whose troops were mainly cavalry, disciplined like Roman soldiers. He harassed the Saxons, and his successes halted their advance for the better part of fifty years. So why has so little evidence been found?
A Quest for King Arthur is the story of what really happened. Crown is the third book in a four part series.

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