Author: James G Rliey
Series: A Quest for King Arthur, Book 2
Genre: Science Fiction - Alternative History
Tags: All except omnibus editions, AQFKA Speparate Books
Publisher: Self Publishing Solutions
Publication Year: 2016
Format: eBook and Paperback
Length: 404 pages
ISBN: 9781944108021


eBook: $0.99 / Paperback: From $8.95

About the Book

The Wizard to the Court of King Arthur creates a Chronicle recording his exploits. These encrypted annals etched onto copper sheets, describe the schooling of Arthur in kingship, the orchestration of his coronation, the establishment of the Knights of the Round Table and the planning of the first battle fought against the Saxon Horde in 547 AD. This book contains 35 riddles. You may decide to try and solve them yourself, follow the characters in their endeavors, or consult the appendices for detailed solutions. Whatever you choose; follow the Quest to recover the Amulet.

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