Time To Go Back

Fifty-five years ago, I boarded a train that would take me away from home. Backpack slung over my shoulder, suitcase trundling behind, I was off to university. Now it was time to return.

Taking a window seat, I watched the countryside slip by. Quickly becoming a blur, it reminded me of the speed reading technique I had adopted while scanning academic articles on theoretical physics. One came to mind where the author professed time travel to be possible. I showed him. My eloquent math equations put such nonsense to rest. Read More…

Dog Walking

Neither snow nor rain, heat or cold,will stop my dog from being bold. Each day a walk he does require.Even though I may desire to stay at home and rest my limbs.He waits patiently until his walk begins.

Roger Harper Book 3

In this third Roger Harper novel, our hero finds himself imprisoned in Cuba. By enlisting the help of another inmate, a Brazilian journalist, they escape, only to become embroiled in a conspiracy involving the kidnapping of young people on theisland.Follow Harper as he battles with a former archenemy, who is behind the mystery.

Short Stories

Available as eBook and Paperback (coffee table edition). Both contain 33 colored illustrations.

Second Roger Harper Novel Now Published

From Dubai, through the peaceful English countryside, to the tourist sites of London, a group calling themselves the Executive relentlessly pursues Roger Harper and his family.
Inextricably entangled in a deranged scheme to hold the British Government to ransom, Harper frantically uses his special ability in an attempt to thwart the cabal.

Cover update

The Man Who Would Cheat At Cards has received an update to the cover. This reflects the book being the first in the Roger Harper Series. Future purchases will reflect this change.