An exciting Anthology of 22 short stories and 3 poems.

Available as eBook and Paperback (coffee table edition), both contain 33 colored illustrations.

Merry Dance – A Collection of Short Stores and Poems

Merry Dance – A Collection of Short Stores and Poems

eBook $0.99, Free with kindleunlimited; Coffee Table Edition: $23.95

Join James in a Merry Dance.

• Step lightly from the picturesque mountains of England’s Lake District to the enduring Great Pyramid of Ancient Egypt.

Before you start your journey

• Check at the end of your garden for fairies and dragons.
• Look under flowerpots turned upside down for pebbles or stones.
• Ensure there is no container of water harboring frogspawn.

During your travels

• Find the time to visit the Library of Congress, in Washington D.C.
• Explore a ghost town in New Jersey.
• Avoid an icebound prison planet, located in a distant galaxy.
• Do not hold a conversation with brown bears.
• Do not bring home samples of tree fungus.
• Hide under the covers when things go bump in the night.

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